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Priority Learning Options

Priority learning options are formed each year through the Leadership Coordination office of the Baptist Support Centre. The 2 hours of learning may consist of 1 in-house course, or engaging with a specific topic through the choice of multiple approved training providers. All courses will be provided in both in-person and online formats. These options will be visible to you for selection, on your registration application form so it’s easy to see what’s required.

Priority Learning Options 2023

1. Great Supervision with Neil Baker – Wed 22nd March, 2023 10-12pm via Zoom (a post event recording will also be available) – FREE

In light of the recent changes to the Baptist Registration supervision, this priority learning option will inform you of how the changes affect you, and how you can maximise the benefits of supervision. It will answer key questions such as:

  • What is ministry supervision?
  • Why is supervision important?
  • What are the key benefits of supervision?
  • What should you look for in a supervisor?
  • Who can be a Baptist supervisor?
  • What are the four key requirements of NZ Baptist supervision?
  • What is the supervisors and supervisees role in supervision?
  • Why it is important to have a supervision agreement?

This learning option is presented by Neil Baker. Neil is the team leader at the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle and has been in full time pastoral ministry for over 25 years. He has a post grad certificate in professional supervision and will be overseeing the Baptist supervision training programme.

2. The Baptist Dynamic of Seeking together with John Tucker – Thur 18th May, 2023 10-12pm via Zoom (a post event recording will also be available) – FREE

For Baptists, the primary leader or CEO of any local church is not the pastor, or the elders, or a bishop, or a council, but the risen Christ in the midst of his gathered people. We believe that Jesus promises to be present and make his will known whenever the members of his body come together to listen for his voice in Scripture and community. In this priority learning option, John Tucker (Principal of Carey Baptist College) will enlarge our understanding of this aspect of Baptist ecclesiology. He’ll do this in conversation with several Baptist pastors who are finding new and fruitful ways of discerning the mind of Christ within their congregations. As we hear their experiences, we’ll explore how discerning the mind of Christ together can help our congregations navigate conflict with wisdom and safety.

The learning option is presented by John Tucker, Principle of Carey Baptist College.

3. Whakawhangatanga with Luke Kaa Morgan – Thur 20th July, 2023 10-12pm via Zoom (a post event recording will also be available) – FREE

  • Whakawhanaungatanga
  • Whanau – Family
  • Whanaunga – Relative
  • Whanaungatanga – Relationship

In this priority learning option, we will be exploring together whakawhanaungatanga as a Māori framework for building healthy relationships. Traditionally use of this term is based on whakapapa (genealogy) however, in our context it includes family-like reciprocal relationships among people, the people of God. Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi. This whakataukī captures the truth that we thrive together. We will consider how this Māori value richly aligns with the biblical mandate to live in covenant commitment with one another (as family), and how this contributes to us thriving together. We’ll also interrogate other Māori values that support our capacity to engage with the practice of whakawhanaungatanga.

This learning option is being presented by Luke Kaa Morgan. Luke provides leadership for Carey Baptist College, and its Tiriti hikoi. He guides Carey’s Ministry Training Team as it seeks to develop practices of leadership formation that embrace Kaupapa Māori and embody the vision of Te Tiriti. Luke brings 20 years in pastoral ministry within local Baptist Churches and an active contributor in Baptist Māori Ministries, Manatū Iriiri Māori, for over 30 years.

4. Creating a healthy and effective church culture with Craig Vernall – Wed 26th April, 2023 10-12pm via Zoom (a post event recording will also be available) – FREE

All churches do similar things. Pray, preach, sing, serve and share in the love of Christ. So why are some churches more effective in bringing gospel renewal than others? If it’s not what we do, it must be how we do it. How we do church is called culture. So how do we create a church culture that is healthy and effective? Is this something we can change? Or are we stuck with what we’ve got?

This learning option is presented by Craig Vernall. Craig is the senior pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on church leadership.

Note: Zoom links for the above priority learning options will be emailed closer to the dates for each event.