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What are the benefits of becoming registered?

By becoming registered the Baptist Union of New Zealand recognises your commitment to the ongoing development of your character, knowledge and abilities, which are deemed necessary to minister in the name of the Baptist Union of New Zealand.

Becoming registered is not only of personal benefit, but it beneficial for us as a Union of Churches, to have a registration standard that we are all committed and accountable to. This is a commitment to ensuring that we are developing robust leaders, who can lead thriving faith communities with integrity and competency. Thus, when a Baptist faith community, or entity, or approved body appoints someone who is registered, they can have confidence that the individual meets a recognised standard that involves a commitment to ongoing learning and growth, Baptist whānau engagement, external supervision support, and annual review.

Other personal benefits include:

  • When registered, you are provided with an annual framework and rhythm to support and encourage your personal growth and learning, Baptist whānau engagement, external supervision support, and annual review.
  • When registered, non-Church organisations/community groups can have the confidence that as a leader you have a recognised status.
  • You’re helped to achieve longevity in your ministry. 

Those who are registered are also eligible to receive:

  • Discount membership at the Carey library.
  • Discount audit fee for Carey NZQA courses.
  • Eligibility to be considered as a Baptist Churches of New Zealand Marriage Celebrant (see Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this).