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Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning exists to support and resource the ongoing professional development of both leaders and practitioners of ministry and mission. We aim to help sustain church and mission leaders with depth for longevity and with the same calibre of content and teaching that would be expected in the Carey classroom. Our heartbeat is a growing collection of learning and development options created or curated by the Centre. For church and mission leaders we hope the Centre will become the go-to place for on-going learning through the offering and promotion of public events, lectures, conferences, training seminars, spiritual retreats, sabbatical support and online resourcing.

Meet the Team

Glenn Melville

Director of Lifelong Learning

Glenn Melville is the Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and is available to discuss your ongoing ministry development plans and anything else to do with the Centre.

+64 21 764 204

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Sarah Axford

Lifelong Learning Administrator

Sarah Axford administers the Centre for Lifelong Learning and is available to discuss anything to do with the running and functioning of the Centre. Sarah works part time spreading her hours throughout the week.

+64 22 069 4877

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