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Am I eligible for Baptist Registration?

The Baptist Union of New Zealand require that as an applicant, you:

*A Baptist entity is an organisation that supports the work of the collective of Baptist churches e.g., Baptist Union of New Zealand, Carey Baptist College, NZBMS, Regional Association, Orbit, etc.

** An approved body is an organisation or trust that is owned by or strongly affiliated with a Baptist church or church e.g., Vision West, Archer Trust, Findlay Park Trust, Stepping Stones, CORT, etc.


The endorsing person must be someone from the Baptist faith community/Baptist entity/approved body that the applicant is employed by/volunteering for, and to whom the applicant directly reports i.e., the person who will undertake the applicant’s annual review of their Registration Development Agreement. See examples below for guidance in selecting the correct person to provide endorsement:

    • Pastoral – Children/family, associate, and youth pastors – usually the senior pastor, or line manager
    • Pastoral – Senior pastors – usually the chairperson of their Elders’ Board, or if no chairperson, a nominate Elder
    • Pastoral – Interims – a representative from the Elders’ Board of the local church where they are currently employed
    • Chaplaincy – usually a line manager from the endorsing organisation to whom the chaplain works for, or in some cases the senior or sole pastor of the church they attend
    • Baptist entity applicants – usually the line manager, or for Regional Leaders it is the chair of the Regional Association
    • Ministry/Mission applicants – the person the applicant is accountable to, for the annual review of their RDA
    • Kaiārahi Māori – usually Te Whāriki, the governance group of Baptist Māori.

Your endorser is required to complete the form below , which will need to be uploaded during your application for registration.  Please note that this does NOT need to be uploaded each year, unless there are changes to your endorser or your role.

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