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Parental, Medical, Bereavement, and Unforeseen Circumstances Leave

We acknowledge that from time to time registrants may need to take an extended period of leave from their role (3 months to a maximum of 12 months). This may be parental leave, or another form of leave that requires extended time away from work e.g. medical or compassionate leave. Where this leave is known about in advance notification needs to be made to the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning of the intended start and end of any extended period of leave. This is to be done via email rather than the online application portal.

Please note the following:

  • If there is an intention to be on leave for a full registration period (November-November) then registration can either be renewed on return to work and registration status (full or provisional) will continue from this point, or registration can be granted for that year provided the employing entity or approved body gives written endorsement of this leave. During the 12 months period of leave there is no requirement to complete a Registration Development Agreement.
  • Where the extended leave falls between two registration periods up to 12 months of release from the requirements of registration can be negotiated (e.g., 6 months in each registration period). In this case the Registration Development Agreement should reflect the % of the year(s) that the registrant is not on leave (e.g., if there is a plan to work 6mths of a registration year, the RDA requirements will be 50%).  
  • Where the extended leave is unforeseen, completion of the RDA can be negotiated with the Director for the Centre of Lifelong Learning.

It is important that you discuss this leave with the Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning as soon as possible so that the correct requirements can be put in place.

For further information please contact lilfelonglearning@carey.ac.nz

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