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Guided Learning 2020

Guided Learning is a low-intensity, online learning pathway for you to follow over 8 months (Feb-Oct).

Each module aims to move you through a cycle of content, action, and reflection. An online forum creates a space for you to share your reflections with others on the same learning journey. No assessment or credit, just the opportunity to learn and be part of a small cohort learning together with the guide of an experienced facilitator(s).

Guided Learning 2020 is live from 10 Feb to 11 Oct, and takes 1-2 hrs per week to complete.

$110 per course.


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First Wednesday of the month, March-October, 7.30pm

Bringing into focus Bible, theology and mission: Adult learning for now.

  • Bible College teaching - live on your device wherever you are.
  • Teaching by high calibre, research active, Carey lecturers.
  • Gain a better understanding of the world you live in.
  • Help your church with its mission engagement. 

This new webinar series is a stimulating training resource for the ongoing development of leaders, practitioners, and volunteers.

Each month a new topic will be brought into focus: from theology, Bible, pastoral care, mission, youth, history, and culture. Our focus is on what you need to learn right now: material that will resource you in your current leadership and volunteer roles.

Each webinar will be an hour long, containing 40 minutes of content, with live Q&A. These will be recorded with ongoing access available online. Watch on your own, or together as a leadership team, or create a group to join together for this 8-month series. One reading (a book chapter or article) is included after each webinar to go a little deeper.

$25 per webinar (individual or a group), or subscribe to them all for $150 (25% discount: get two free webinars).

This can be included in the ‘Learning’ component of Baptist Leaders’ Registration.

Previous webinar recordings (Season 1, 2019)

Purchase On Demand access to recordings of FOCUS Webinar Series Season 1, 2019 (8 episodes) for NZ$25 - click here...

Sample an hour-long recording of a 2019 Webinar: FOCUS on Mission: Households of Mission in Acts and Today with Dr George Wieland.

The current webinar series (Season 2, 2020)

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Each FAST4 Online Teaching Series consists of:

  • 4 webinars
  • 4 weeks
  • 4 hours of teaching (an hour each webinar)
  • 4 readings (optional, approximately 4 hours total)

New for 2020, this is another way to get Bible College teaching, live on your device, wherever you are. Each online teaching series runs over 4 weeks, comprising of four 1-hour live and interactive webinars, one each week for 4 weeks.

These online teaching series provide overviews or more in-depth looks at various topics to do with bible study, theology, mission, and practice, taught by high calibre, research active, Carey lecturers, or other experts in their field. All of these people are active participants in their local churches.

These are ideal for both individual and group use – learn on your own in your office or at home, or organize a small group to watch these together. Recordings will be available online the next day.

There are no assignments or compulsory requirements.

These can be included in the ‘Learning’ component of Baptist Leaders’ Registration.

$100 for each series of 4 webinars -individual or group use.

Formation for Mission

This is a non-formal learning option within the Carey Centre for Mission Research and Training, facilitated through the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning. It sits alongside the formal programme called Mission Track and their weekly formation group.


Join Carey’s Mission Track students in their weekly formation group as they prepare for participation in God’s mission in their local communities or across the world.

They meet on Tuesday mornings, 9.00-11.00 (on-site at Carey or joining by Zoom) with Dr George Wieland or another facilitator to practice missional Bible reading, pray together, share and encourage each other in their journeys of mission discernment and practice, and receive input on aspects of mission and intercultural relating. Most weeks they also hear from a current mission practitioner or leader sharing their experiences and insights. 

Participants get access to mission resources and the Mission Track student forum on CareyOnline. There is no obligation to complete assessments but there is the opportunity at the conclusion of each block to write and receive feedback on a short reflection on what is being learned and how it is shaping your understanding and practice of mission. 


Formation for Mission runs during the teaching weeks of semester one and two, which are each split in two, making four blocks through the year. Join for any one or more of the four blocks (of five or six sessions each block) - register below.

Price: $100 for each block.

2020 Facilitators

Blocks 1 & 2 facilitated by Dr George Wieland, Director of the Carey Centre for Mission Research and Training;
Blocks 3 & 4 facilitator TBA (Dr George Wieland is on sabbatical during semester two, 2020.)

Who is this for?

This learning opportunity might be of value if you are … 

  • interested in exploring what mission participation might mean for you
  • preparing to move into a specific mission context or role 
  • engaged in local church or community ministry and wanting to cultivate a missional orientation
  • eager to live with missional awareness and intentionality in your neighbourhood, work or other life context
  • a mission practitioner on sabbatical or short leave who is looking for refreshment and input and the opportunity to build relationships with other mission-oriented people

Those who are able to join the group on-site are welcome to stay on for Carey Community Worship (11.15am-12.00pm) and a free Community Lunch (12.00-12.40pm) with Carey students and staff from Carey and others from the NZ Baptist National Centre.

First steps and to apply

Please run your interest in Formation for Mission by Dr George Wieland, Director of the Carey Centre for Mission Research and Training. Spaces are limited, and suitability of participants in both Formation for Mission and Mission Track need to be considered. Please contact Dr George Wieland to express your interest, or to ask any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Another contact is the Ministry Training Coordinator; Morgan Dews: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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