Reflection/Journaling Guide

Whatever content you are engaging with, something read: a complete book or certain chapters or a section, an article or blog post, or something watched or listened to: a video or podcast etc, the framework below may aid your personal reflection and journaling.

Once you have engaged with the item, spend some focused time answering these five questions* – type it up, or write in a notebook or journal. You might like to share this later with your supervisor, mentor or spiritual director.


1. What challenged me in this book/chapter/article/video/talk?

List matters that make you reflect on yourself personally and on your ministry context – are there changes or initiatives that come to mind?

2. What could I do about this?

Reflect on what you could do to implement the initiatives or changes included in the list above.

3. What would be the outcome if I made these changes or started these initiatives?

List the direct and indirect benefits that will occur – for you personally, your family, your ministry context, your community…

4. Who would benefit from these changes or initiatives?

Identify the beneficiaries and how they would value the changes or initiatives.

5. Where is God in this?

Articulate your theological reflection as you have engaged with this book/chapter/article/video/talk.

Supervision, mentoring, coaching, spiritual direction

Many people in church and mission leadership roles are committed to regular accountability relationships outside of their local ministry context, such as with a supervisor, mentor, spiritual director, or coach. Meeting at least every two months with this person is a common arrangement.

You might find your response to the five questions above will be useful as a basis for discussion and interaction with your supervisor etc.

We have created a Supervision Directory which includes people who offer this service online.

* The first four of these reflection questions are modelled off the Arrow Leadership reflection guide.

[Page last updated 4 November 2020]

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