Retreats & Sabbaticals


It is important for people in pastoral leadership to have regular spiritual retreats – such as a few days in isolation, or focused spiritual direction beyond their normal ministry context. These can be times of refreshment and clear focus on God.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning can help you to create a simple, or guided, retreat for a small group of church leaders. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for this essential practice to be observed. Our established connections allow us to draw on the expertise of spiritual directors and ministry coaches from around the regions to best suit your group's unique needs.

Alternatively, you can browse the list of organisations and venues below for publically available retreats that may suit your individual or group needs:







The Centre for Lifelong Learning can facilitate planning and support for church leaders preparing for and participating in a time of sabbatical. This may be in the form of setting up advice around possible research or study options, or simply providing a framework as a guide to possible sabbatical options. The Centre may be able to set up supervision partnerships with lecturers from Carey Theological College.