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Discussion Guide for Leaders and Small Groups

Baptist Hui, Dunedin, 2-5 November 2016

There were six main sessions at the Hui focused around the theme of Grace, that also hooked into the '5 Strategic Priorities' of the Baptist Union of New Zealand. These are listed below with links to the video recordings, disussion material and questions for leaders and small groups.

Grace Celebrated - George Wieland and Andrew Picard

George Wieland sm       Andrew Picard sm 

Grace Discerned - Craig Vernall

Craig Vernall sm

Because we seek God’s Kingdom on earth as in heaven we shall look for signs of His activity and seek to discern evidence of His grace in our communities, our nation, and our world, and align ourselves with His purpose to reconcile all things to Himself in Christ. 

  • Online video of talk
  • Discussion Guide & Questions for Leaders and Small Groups (not yet available)

Grace Unleashed - Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris sm

Because the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all, we shall offer ourselves and our resources for the unleashing of that grace into every aspect of our local, national and global contexts through authentic grace-trained lives, courageous witness, and creative expressions of mission and community.

Grace Shared - Karen Warner

Karen Warner sm

Because we share together in the grace of God in bi-cultural and intergenerational partnerships, and in cultural diversity, we will honour, receive from and offer to each other the gifts given to each part of Christ’s Body for the good of all.

Grace Embodied - Myk Habets and Carey panel

Myk Habets sm

Because it is by grace that we have been called into life together in Christ we shall seek to embody the grace of God in our communities of faith, drawing on our Baptist heritage of attentiveness together to Christ as the Head of His Body and mutuality of love and service as members of that Body.

Grace Nurtured - Charles Hewlett and Jonny Weir

Charles Hewlett sm      Jonny Weir sm

Because gifts of God’s grace have been bestowed on every member of the Body we shall value and nurture all of those gifts as we seek to prepare all of God’s people for the service that each is given to fulfil for the glory of God and the realization of His Kingdom. 

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