Making Disciples who Make Disciples 2020 (Brian Bullen)

Making Disciples who Make Disciples 2020 (Brian Bullen)

Brian Bullen is pastor at Kerikeri Baptist Church. He has been a teacher, the owner and manager of three businesses and has worked in four different churches. He is particularly passionate about helping people connect to God and become disciples who can make other disciples.

Module titles

          1. Doing it differently. What’s different and why it works.
          2. Telling God’s story. Presenting the gospel in a relevant way.
          3. Finding out their story and telling them yours. How to initiate spiritual conversations.
          4. Using Discovery Bible studies. A simple approach that ensures high levels of participation.
          5. Transforming group meetings. Small changes that bring big results.
          6. The process. Five key activities that bring growth.
          7. Training Leaders.
          8. The big picture. Impacting our communities and our country. A simple approach.


  1. Each month input will be provided either as readings or video/audio/podcast.
  2. There will be action steps to take to implement what you have learned.
  3. An online forum will be available for you to ask questions, report back on what you are seeing as a result of your action steps and encourage other course participants.
  4. An online group gathering will take place every 2 months on these dates:
    Wednesday 19th February 10:00am
    Thursday 16th April 1:30pm
    Tuesday 30th June 10:00am
    Wednesday 26th August 1:30
    Thursday 22nd October 10:00am
  5. There will be information available on relevant books and links to useful websites for those who want to do more study.

Feedback about Brian's teaching on this topic in 2019:

"In our fast passed, post Christian society traditional methods of evangelism and discipleship are having trouble connecting with people of todays world. People don’t have time to read but they are hungry for authentic community and spiritual truths that can set them free.  Brian’s approach to evangelism and discipleship starts with community contacts that you already have.  It is relaxed and informal, meeting in people’s homes where they feel most comfortable just like Jesus would do.

As the stories of Jesus are orally retold – then read aloud and then recounted line by line these ancient stories of Jesus come alive to new audiences as they connect God truth with the issues with them in today’s world.  This style of discovery bible study is truly supernatural as it relies on prayer and voice of the Holy Spirit to speak directly to people who don’t know Jesus yet. 

In this Guided Learning option you will learn how to connect with people outside your normal circle of influence and ask spiritual questions that provoke spiritual exploration.  You will learn how to share your God stories with people as well as present Gods’ salvation plan with those who are exploring Christianity.

This course may not grow your church attendance, but it will grow God’s kingdom.   It will develop a spiritual hunger in your community where new disciples of Jesus will reach out to their friends and lead them to Christ in a fresh and exciting way."

Simon Currie, Pastor, Lifepoint Baptist Church.



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