Conflict Resolution for Church Leaders with John Peachey (FAST4 Online Teaching Series)

Conflict Resolution for Church Leaders with John Peachey (FAST4 Online Teaching Series)

 John Peachey is a Leadership Coach from The Think Farm:

"People mechanic, broadcaster, writer, presenter, communicator, coach, mate, husband, father, brother. Having made every mistake known to man in business and personal life, I can assure you the limp I walk with is fully earned and so very helpful in helping others avoid the pitfalls of complex and chaotic lives."

We would all like to believe that our church communities are held in place by God. Well, yes and sadly no. The reality is that people don't lose faith in God, they lose faith in people. It is the quality of relationships that determines the depth of attachment. Regardless of what it says on your street sign, business card or web site, if you are pastoring, you are in the people business and people can become 'interesting'. There are times when despite your best efforts, agendas and resentments arise that create painful conflict. So how do we firstly prevent resentments and secondly effectively resolve conflict before it becomes damaging and dangerous? Big questions that deserve big answers. Join us over the 4 weeks as we cover:

Week 1  (Wednesday 4 March 12pm-1pm)
Why we fall into conflict

  • What cause people to fall into bad spaces
  • How do I prevent resentments arising?
  • What do people want from church?
  • Identifying “Scared Ground”

Week 2  (Wednesday 11 March 12pm-1pm)
How to supercharge my communication skills

  • Tools and strategies for building relationships
  • Listening is the answer
  • Becoming a trusted guide

Week 3  (Wednesday 18 March 12pm-1pm)
Relationship building and repair tools

  • The importance of people proximity
  • Understanding the importance of activating gifting 
  • Understanding the impact of historical voices

Week 4  (Wednesday 25 March 12pm-1pm)
The advantage of building a redemptive relational community

  • How to heal pain and build a stronger church family
  • Parting amicably
  • The Pastoral and leadership well-being 

FAST4 Online Teaching Series with John Peachey 

  • 4 webinars
  • 4 weeks
  • 4 hours of teaching (an hour each webinar)
  • 4 readings

New for 2020, this is another way to get Bible College teaching, live on your device, wherever you are. Each online teaching series runs over 4 weeks, comprising of four 1-hour live and interactive webinars, one each week for 4 weeks, eg: the 4 Monday nights of the month of May, from 7.30pm-8.30pm.

These online teaching series will provide overviews or more indepth looks at various topics to do with bible study, theology, mission, and practice, taught by high caliber, research active, Carey lecturers, or other experts in their field. All of these people are active participants in their local churches.

These are ideal for both individual and group use – learn on your own in your office or at home, or organize a small group to watch these together. Recordings will be available online.

You might also be interested in the FOCUS Webinar Series: one-off webinars focusing on bible, theology, mission, or practice.

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