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Each FAST4 Online Teaching Series consists of:

  • 4 webinars
  • 4 weeks
  • 4 hours of teaching (an hour each webinar)
  • 4 readings (optional, approximately 4 hours total)

New for 2020, this is another way to get Bible College teaching, live on your device, wherever you are. Each online teaching series runs over 4 weeks, comprising of four 1-hour live and interactive webinars, one each week for 4 weeks.

These online teaching series provide overviews or more in-depth looks at various topics to do with bible study, theology, mission, and practice, taught by high calibre, research active, Carey lecturers, or other experts in their field. All of these people are active participants in their local churches.

These are ideal for both individual and group use – learn on your own in your office or at home, or organize a small group to watch these together. Recordings will be available online the next day.

There are no assignments or compulsory requirements.

These can be included in the ‘Learning’ component of Baptist Leaders’ Registration.

$100 for each series of 4 webinars -individual or group use.

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