Better Church Elders: Training Resource

A New Zealand made online training resource for Eldership groups and Church Boards.

A series of teaching videos (15-20 minutes each) about Eldership, with robust group discussion questions included in a study guide for each video, a suggested 'action' to do as an eldership or board, and a reading as an 'extra'. The video content is provided in an interview format led by Charles Hewlett (New Zealand Baptist National Leader) with experienced practitioners: viewers have the opportunity to hear from multiple voices adding to this topic of forming healthy eldership and church board teams.

The idea is for Eldership/Board groups to work through these training videos together, perhaps one a month for six months: setting aside 40 minutes at the start of normal Elders meetings to watch a video and discuss the questions: applying the content to their local context. Another approach would be to have a retreat day together (perhaps with some other church eldership groups), where all videos are watched, interspersed with interaction and discussion. The video series could also be a resource for prospective elders and board members to watch before they join the team.

This online video series can be purchased for NZ$120 (US$75). New Zealand Baptist Churches can request a 50% off promo code (NZ$60 or US$37.50) - details below. 


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Six training sessions designed to help elders understand their role and lead the people of God well:

  1. The Bible and Eldership: What does the Bible have to say about our function as elders? What is it that we are meant to be and do? Charles Hewlett talks with Dr George Wieland.
    Episode 1 study guide click here.

  1. Eldership and Governance: What is it that makes good governance? What do governors actually do? Charles Hewlett talks with Mel Wilson.
    Episode 2 study guide click here.

  1. Models of Eldership: Big, medium or small – does one eldership model fit all churches? What are some of the options?  Where does the pastor fit in to all this? Charles Hewlett talks with Reti Ah-Voa and Grant Harris.
    Episode 3 study guide click here.

  1. Bringing the Bible into Decision Making: How does the Bible remain the foundational guide for our belief and behaviour as a church? What practical things can we do to keep the Bible central in our leadership? Charles Hewlett talks with Dr John Tucker.
    Episode 4 study guide click here.

  1. Maintaining Healthy Eldership Relationships: What things contribute to healthy relationships? What are some of the pitfalls we must try and avoid? Charles Hewlett talks with Jonny Weir.
    Episode 5 study guide click here.

  1. Strengthening our Eldership Team: Where do we find new elders? What training will make us even better? How can we support our pastor and staff more? Charles Hewlett talks with Dr Mike Crudge.
    Episode 6 study guide click here.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the complete Study Guide (11 pages, 85 KB) 


The Framework

Each training session has the following 4 components:

          WATCH: a 15-20 minute conversation online with experienced practitioners.

          DISCUSS: 3 questions from the study guide.

          DO (ACTION): 1 activity for your eldership team to complete.

          EXTRA (READING): 1 chapter or article of reading to go a little deeper.

The Cost

This online video series can be purchased for NZ$120 (US$75 - which is the main currency in the vimeo video ondemand platform we are using).

Baptist Churches in New Zealand can purchase this online video series using a 50% promo code (NZ$60 or US$37.50) - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a promo code. 

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