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The resources below, are designed to help you with your application to become registered.  Please take time to read and view them, prior to applying to be registered.

This video guide is essential viewing if you are considering applying to be a Baptist Registrant. It can be viewed on the Baptist Churches of New Zealand website, or by clicking below to be re-directed to their site:

If you prefer to see the written version, there is a Pre-Application Guide that may be of help prior to starting your application. This will explain more about the eligibility, the requirements and the categories that can be applied under.

Having watched the video guide, looked through the pre-application guide, and determined that you meet all of the requirements outlined in the video guide you may choose to proceed with your application to become registered. The Baptist Registration Application Handbook will walk you through the application form itself. If you’re applying to register, it is an essential guide to help you complete your application form.


As part of your application, you will be required to complete and upload the registration endorsement form. Click below to access this document:




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