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How do I create the Ministry Development Agreement part of my registration?

We recommend that you meet with the people you are directly accountable to at your church (e.g. Elders, Senior Pastor, CEO) before you register, so that you can discuss your Ministry Development Agreement first. This could form part of your annual appraisal process and would need to occur around September each year so that you are ready for your registration in November.

At your meeting we suggest you discuss which learning, Baptist Whānau options, and supervision would best strengthen you for your leadership calling in the year ahead.

There are three components of an MDA:


  • Choose about 3 days’ worth of learning per year

A commitment to being equipped to the best of one’s ability is implicit in responding to God’s call, and we believe that this is achieved by ongoing learning in areas that will strengthen your pastoral leadership.

Examples of learning include:

For a loose guide on Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning courses, Focus webinars are approximately 1 hr. Each webinar is accompanied by readings and/or exercises, equating to another 30min of learning, so the whole Focus Series of 8 webinars equates to 12 hours of learning. Leadership & Professional Development webinar series are between 2-5 1 hour webinars, also accompanied by readings and/or exercises, so between 3-7.5 hours of learning per series. If you have questions on whether your learning plan will meet the requirements feel free to get in touch at and we’ll happily guide you through. 

Baptist Whanau
  • Choose two events per year if you are full-time;
  • Choose one event per year if you are part-time.

A commitment to relating with, and being accountable to, other members of the Baptist Whānau is important for the ongoing wellbeing of you, your church, and the Baptist movement in New Zealand.

Examples of Baptist Whānau events include:

  • 70% attendance at a Baptist Leaders’ Cluster group
  • Annual Baptist Hui (Baptist Assembly)
  • Regional Hui
  • Specialist Baptist leadership event
  • Carey Baptist College event/conference
  • Baptist Leaders’ Orientation Day
  • Other Baptist Community gatherings
  • Choose a supervision person to meet with every two months (minimum)

Supervision provides you with a safe space to discuss your changing needs and provide support and accountability for your development progress throughout the year.

Examples of supervision include:

  • Mentor

Another pastoral leader, usually older and more experienced, who is willing to pass her or his experience and values on to another. The mentor may be a pastoral leader of any denomination or retired.

  • Mentoring Group

A group of three or more pastoral leaders who meet regularly together specifically for the purpose of hearing and mutual accountability.

  • Spiritual Director

Someone professionally trained, qualified and supervised and registered with the Association of Christian Spiritual Directors or recognised by their denomination.

  • Supervisor

Someone professionally trained and qualified in supervision, and under supervision themselves.

  • Coach

Someone who helps you in a focused area, often for a set period of time. 

We prefer you to meet face-to-face with your supervision person, but in some circumstances this is difficult i.e. those in remote areas. Therefore, this can be done via phone, skype or email.

Please note that we may contact your supervision person at times to confirm your bi-monthly meeting attendance is on-track.

See our ‘Supervision Directory’ for ideas and details.