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Below you will find some answers to requently asked questions regarding the registration process.

When I apply to register am I automatically registered?

No. Like most applications, your registration has to be processed to make sure:

  • you meet the criteria
  • have provided the evidence of meeting the criteria
  • have proposed an MDA that is approved by the registration co-ordinator.
  • have paid the appropriate registration fee
What will I need to complete my application?

Along with a coffee, and some designated time, the following will also be needed:


First Time application?  Renewing your application ? 
Your personal details (contact details, position etc) Any personal details changes or role changes, that may be different to those entered in your previous application (Please note , If you have changed your role, we’ll also need a copy of your new Terms of Call and/or Job description)
Your Terms of Call and/or Job Description outlining your role and hours A readiness to review the contents of your previous Ministry Development Agreement
Thoughts, prayerful consideration, and discussion with your Church leadership/Eldership/Board on what you’re able to commit to for the year ahead in the areas of (1) Learning  (2) attending Baptist Whānau  events and (3) Supervision .  Together, this formulates your Ministry Development Agreement (MDA)
Your credit card for payment
Provisional Registration or Full Registration?

If you have not been registered as a Baptist Leader before, you will need to apply for Provisional registration. You will also need to provide us with evidence of your hours of work and the detail of the role you are working in. This can usually be found in your Terms of Call document and/or your Job description, so we will need a copy of these sent to us at lifelonglearning@carey.ac.nz.  Before your are recognised as fully registered, you must complete 2 full years provisionally registered and attend a Baptist Leaders’ Orientation as part of your Provisional registration period. On completion of this, you will be invited to Full Registration and recognised as such during the next Baptist National Hui. 

Accredited Leaders or those who have already been recognised as Fully Registered previously, can apply for Full Registration. 

What happens after I submit my application?

If we have any concerns or questions, we will get in touch with you. Once we are satisfied that you meet the criteria, and with the content of your Ministry Development Agreement , we will send you an e-certificate to print out and display in your workplace.   This signifies that you are Registered (either fully of provisionally). You will be invited to be fully recognised at the November Baptist Hui, as you transition into your 3rd year of being registered.

Remember that you’re only fully recognised (not provisionally) as registered after a minimum of 2 full years.

Who do I contact about my application?

All queries relating to your application need to be directed to Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning. Email at  lifelonglearning@carey.ac.nz or feel free to call on  022 069 4877 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  The National Centre for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand will not be able to assist with any queries relating to your BLR application. 

Are there any Terms and Conditions I need to be aware of?

As with all applications it would be great to have a read of our terms and conditions before finalising your application.

How do we define a ‘Pastoral leader’?

This means you are a:

  • Key leader or pastoral staff member of a New Zealand Baptist Church; and/or
  • Participant in the Carey Baptist College ‘Ministry Development Course’ (MDC); and/or
  • Staff member of the Baptist Union, Baptist Associations, NZBMS, and/or Carey Baptist College
    • Eligible staff members must be making a contribution theologically, or in leadership, to the kingdom of God in their role, or meet the criteria of a ‘Missional Leader’.
How do we define a ‘Missional leader’?

Someone called and sent to pioneer a new faith community, gathered around Christ, working at the intersection of God’s people, God’s world and God’s gospel, working in the name of the Baptist churches of New Zealand.

When will I be recognised at Baptist Hui?

You will be recognised at Hui when you have completed two years of Baptist Leaders’ registration, and are committed to moving into your third year. You must also confirm that you have attended a Baptist Leaders’ Orientation event during your provisional registration time. Hui usually occurs in early November at the same time as registration, therefore, a few months prior to Hui we will email you inviting you to fill out a commitment to re-registering in November. This way we have your commitment to on-going professional development, and you can plan your trip to Hui to celebrate that commitment.

How does registration work if I'm doing MDC?

Carey Baptist College run a Ministry Development Course (MDC). Participants in MDC will be emailed an invitation to Baptist Leaders’ Registration during Semester One each year once the participant list has been confirmed by the Ministry Development team. This is usually around mid-late April.

MDC participants can expect to be recognised at Baptist Hui as they approach the end of Year 2 of MDC (assuming they registered during Year 1.)

Note that MDC participants are entitled to register for free, and are not required to attend a Baptist Leaders’ Orientation event as part of meeting their provisional registration requirements.

How could someone become de-registered?

De-registration occurs when:

  • You no longer work in a role that meets the eligibility criteria;
  • Your registration has expired, and you have chosen not to re-register;
    • If you do not re-register by 30 November your name will immediately be removed from the registration database, and your name will not be marked as ‘Registered’ or ‘Provisionally Registered’ in the Baptist Yearbook.
  • The Baptist Union elects to suspend or removes your name from the Official List in accordance with XIII, Clause 35 of the Baptist Union Constitution.

We appreciate you letting us know if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, or if you have chosen not to re-register, so that we can update our contact lists.

  • We will email you to let you know we are removing your name from the registration database immediately; and
  • We will notify the Baptist Union of the change:
    • Your name will no longer be marked as ‘Registered’ or ‘Provisionally Registered’ in the Baptist Yearbook.
    • As one of the legally recognised religious denominations in New Zealand, the Baptist Union is able to grant marriage celebrant status to leaders within our movement. Only registered Baptist leaders are able to be added to the Baptist list (note that special conditions apply).
    • For queries regarding the effect on your Marriage Celebrant status please contact Baptist Union directly: info@baptist.org.nz; and
    • Your name will be added to the Assembly Council annual review list in accordance with XIII,  Clause 34 of the Baptist Union Constitution.