The Review Process

The Review Process

To review was undertaken in three stages:

Stage One:

Determining the purpose, scope and benefits of having a registration system, and evaluating the current system, including the history behind it, to determine whether it was fit for purpose, required stengthening, or needed a complete overhaul. This included reviewing the registration categories.

The panel determined that the current system had value but required strengthening.

Stage Two:

Determining what a strengthened registration system would need and look like, and how this strengthened system would work for all the categories of leaders the BUNZ is seeking to register.

Stage Three:

The proposal for a strengthened registration system was presented to Assembly Council on 30/9/2021. Council gave approval for the proposal to proceed to the consultation stage. This involved, publishing the recommendations on this website, facilitating a webinar outlining the proposed changes, and inviting feedback via focus groups, an online questionnaire and email. 61 questionnaries were completed, and 13 detailed email submissions received.

In May the review panel responded to the feedback by making a significant number of adjustments to the recommendations.

In early July the final recommendations will go to Assembly Council for approval. It is hoped that some of the recommendations may be implemented in time for the Nov ’22 registration process, with others phased in over 2-3 years.


With the ever increasing complexity of pastoral and missional leadership, it is encouraging to see a much needed strengthening of the leadership registration requirements. These new guidelines invite leaders across our movement – our pastors, chaplains, mission leaders and others – to develop, refine and maintain the competency, character and capacity required to effectively lead God’s people in bringing gospel renewal in these changing times. Thank you for this important work.”

Helen Brereton (Assembly Council)