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I am very pleased to bring some words of introduction to this webpage containing the recommendations of the Baptist Registration Review Panel that shows their work through 2021/22. This group was set up in December 2020 by Karen Warner (Leadership Development Co-ordinator) and Charles Hewlett (National Leader) as we, as a movement of churches, headed in the 25th year of the registration system which began in 1996. The last review was a decade ago…


– Mike Crudge, Communications Director
Baptist National Office

The Review

Baptist Leaders’ Registration

A brief history.

The Review Process

The Review Panel

Introducing Baptist Registration (BR)

The recommendations.

The BR categories and Registration Development Agreement(RDA)

Information and training on BR for church governance groups


Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Baptist Leaders’ Registration Review.

Webinar Recording

Click on the link below to watch a 1-hour webinar on the recommendations of the Baptist Registration Review Group that aired on Feb 22nd. The webinar is hosted by Karen Warner and Charles Hewlett.