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Baptist Leaders’ Registration

Applications for Baptist Registration are closed for 2022 and will re-open on 1st November 2022 for the 2023 year. 
If you wish to contact us about Baptist Registration please email us

Baptist Leaders’ Registration is a way for Baptist pastoral leaders, ecumenical chaplains, and missional leaders to communicate their commitment to professional development for the year ahead. The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning administers the Baptist Leader Registration process for the Baptist Union. To learn more click on the related pages below.

“Professional development cannot be an optional extra for leaders involved in Christian ministry and mission. And this is why the Baptist Union Registration process is so important to me and such an incredible gift! It will keep you current in your thinking and practices, and introduce you to different and innovative ways of doing things. It will bring a healthy level of accountability to your thinking and practice, and provide friendship and support through such things as cohorts, supervision, conferences, and on-line social media”

– Charles Hewlett, Baptist National Leader

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