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Applications to register as a Baptist Leader now open 

 If you have applied for Baptist Leaders' Registration within the last 1-2years you will have been sent a link to register which will take you directly to your information. Please ensure you use this link - not the button above. 

Please note : When you apply for Baptist Leaders' Registration,  any course(s)/webinar(s) provided by Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning that you select in your Ministry Development Agreement will now result in automatic enrolment. Course costs will simply be added to your Baptist Leaders' Registration fee when you submit your application.  So - one payment , and no additional enrolment required ! 

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What is Baptist Leaders’ Registration?

Baptist Leaders’ Registration is a way for Baptist pastoral leaders, ecumenical chaplains, and missional leaders to communicate their commitment to professional development for the year ahead and this is demonstrated by the completion of a Ministry Development Agreement (MDA)

When you become registered, the Baptist Union and the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning enter into an agreement with you to recognise and respond to the call God has placed on you. We aim to encourage and support the equipping, relating and accountability of Baptist Leaders in the commitment made to

  1. Learning
  2. Whanau
  3. Supervision

If any of these key components are absent, registration is not fulfilling its intention.

The Baptist Union recognises your registration by:

  • Adding your name on the Baptist Leaders’ Official List
  • Providing you with a certificate of registration
  • Celebrating (“recognising”) your call to Baptist leadership at the annual Hui once you reach full registration status
  • Various Baptist Union benefits.

   See ‘Ministry Development Agreement’ for details on how to form your plan.


The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning AND The Baptist Churches of New Zealand:

  • Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning administers the Baptist Leader Registration process for the Baptist Union. If you want more information on the Baptist Union registration, you can find that in your Baptist Union Administration manual.- online via your Baptist Union Intranet log-in

  • Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning provide access to a variety of current learning options which you can include, if you choose, in your learning component of your Ministry Development Agreement (MDA) for the year ahead. As a centre, we exist and function to support and resource your ongoing professional development as a leader or practitioner of ministry and mission.

  • Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning aim to encourage and support the equipping, relating and accountability of Baptist Leaders . This is outworked, in part, through your completion of your Ministry Development Agreement (MDA)

  • Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning along with the Baptist Churches of NZ enter into an agreement with you to recognise and respond to the call God has given you to pastoral leadership.

Am I eligible to apply for Baptist Leader Registration ? 

Within the current Baptist Union Administration manual, there are clear criteria outlined. Below, you can see these listed, alongside the evidence you need to provide to us at the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning to help us ensure that you meet these criteria. 

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When can I register, and what does it cost?

Registration is an annual process which is open from 01 - 30 November each year.

The current registration fee is graduated by circumstances, and will be a maximum of $145 for the year:

  • Carey Baptist College Ministry Development Course (MDC) student - $0
  • 21+ hours work; receiving the full recommended Ministry Enhancement Allowance (MEA) - $145
  • 21+ hours work; receiving less than the recommended Ministry Enhancement Allowance (MEA) - $110
  • 20 hours or less work - $75

Please note that your registration fee is non-refundable. 

I’m new to registration, is there a provisional period?

Yes. If you haven’t registered as a Baptist Leader before, you’ll need to be provisionally registered for a minimum of 2 full years. During this time you will need to demonstrate your commitment to Baptist leadership by :

  • Attending a Baptist Leaders' Orientation Day event. This event will be held once per year in August/September alternating between the South and North Islands. (NB this is not a requirement for those who complete the Carey Ministry Development Course)
  • Reviewing and updating your Ministry Development Agreement, during the November registration period. 

See ‘Ministry Development Agreement’ for details on how to form your MDA.

When I apply to register am I automatically registered?

No. Like many applications, your registration has to be processed to make sure you : 

  1. meet the criteria
  2. have provided the evidence of meeting the criteria
  3. have completed an MDA that is approved
  4. have paid the appropriate registration fee

If we have any concerns or questions, we will get in touch with you. Once we are satisfied with 1-4 we will send you a letter of confirmation of your registration status and an e-certificate to you for you to print out and display in your workplace.   This signifies that you are Registered (either fully of provisionally). You will be invited to be fully recognised at the November Baptist Hui, as you transition into your 3rd year of being registered.

Remember that you’re only fully recognised (not provisionally) as registered after a minimum of 2 full years.

How do I apply to be registered ?

There are 5 simple steps to complete your application to be registered:

BLR How do i apply diagram 2019 cropped 

If you have not been registered before, you’ll be asked to complete your personal details, along with your Ministry Development Agreement for year ahead. So, it will be great to spend some time thinking about your planned Learning options, what Baptist Whānau events you’re planning to attend and what your Supervision plans are for the year (including the name of your supervisor) before starting your application to register.  You will be provided with a link to complete your registration through the Baptist Churches of NZ portal, by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The basic requirements are :

  • Commitment to at least 3 days of learning (for learning and development)
  • Attendance at 1-2 Baptist Whānau events (for connection)
  • Seeing/Connecting with your Supervisor at least ever2 months

If you have previously been registered as a Baptist Leader, additional to the above, you’ll be asked to review your previous Ministry Development Agreement with us through a link you will be sent ahead of the application period opening in November.  – You'll need to review your MDA in terns of what worked, what learning was achieved, what whanau events were attended etc. – and if there were changes, you’ll be asked to comment on these.

You can complete your payment for you application, through this same portal, so come prepared with Credit Card. We will then process your application. It’s a really simple process that we want to work for you.

If you need to renew your Baptist Leaders' Registration but missed the November renewal period, or you are new to the Baptist family of churches, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

[last updated August 2021]


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