Preaching 2018 (John Tucker)

Lifelong Learning for Registration preaching twelve month framework v2 580

1. Learning Experience

The purpose of this option is to help you reflect on and develop your preaching. Only choose this option if you have regular opportunities to preach throughout the year.

In the first few weeks, as you begin:

Email the facilitator, John Tucker, to introduce yourself: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spend some time reflecting on your own preaching practice, record (journal) any things you feel need addressing or input you would like in terms of your preaching practice and outcomes. This is to enable you at the end of this option to assess how far you have travelled through the year. This is a private document for you unless you choose to share something of the detail in your final reflection.

Between February and November:

a) Read:

Murray Capill, The Heart is the Target: Preaching Practical Application from Every Text. This can be purchased online through the Book Depository.

Reading Requirement* Auckland Cluster Group Meetings**
Pages 1 - 52 14-Mar
Pages 53 - 96 9-May
Pages 97 - 150 4-Jul
Pages 151 - 214 12-Sep
Pages 215 - 258 21-Nov


* Reading requirement to be completed by the cluster group date please (whether you attend the cluster or not).

** Cluster group meetings are held from 12.30 - 3.00pm at Carey Baptist College, 473 Great South Rd, Penrose.

At each cluster meeting someone will preach, and our feedback will be informed and enriched by Capill’s reflections on application.

Use the five questions in the Lifelong Learning for Registration Reflection Guide as a basis to aid your reflection as you read this book – the questions can be used for each chapter, section, or the entire book. Use your response to these questions as conversation starting points when you meet with your coach, who is a dialogue partner as you engage with this material.


b) Attend one of the Carey School of Preaching conferences. In 2018 this is Word and World, with Dr Paul Windsor.


c) Watch two online lectures on preaching by Darrell Johnson recorded in 2015 for the Carey School of Preaching – these will be provided by the Facilitator.

2. Reflection


d) Attend John Tucker’s regular Auckland Preaching Cluster which includes preaching sermons to your peers, with feedback. This meets every two months for 3.5 hours at a time.


e) Record one of your regular sermons. The sermon should be preached after you have read the book and attended the preaching conference or seminar,  or watched the Darrell Johnson videos. Submit the sermon to the facilitator when completed.

3. Coach/Supervisor/Mentor

At the start of this ten-month option, you need to make arrangements with a suitable person to act as your coach throughout the ten months, meeting at least once every two months. This person should be someone accessible to your local context, able to meet physically or online with you regularly over this time. They need to be willing and able to walk alongside you during the ten months. If you are part of the Auckland-based preaching cluster then your coach could be the facilitator, John Tucker.

Ask your coach to read the book in section a) if they haven’t already. The objective is for your coach to meet with you and help you to assess your current ministry practice and develop your learning experience into new or altered patterns of ministry practice in your own context. Email this Guide to Coaching page to a potential coach to see that they are willing and able to work with you throughout the ten months.

Ask your coach to work with you to apply your learning and reflection to your preaching ministry practice in three stages over the ten months:

1. Using the material from the book.
2. Adding and integrating what you have learnt from the Carey School of Preaching conference/seminar or Johnson videos.
3. Adding and integrating the facilitator’s feedback.

By Friday 23 November 2018:

Those not part of the Auckland Preaching cluster: submit a 1000 word reflection (or 10 minute vlog) on how the book and the conference or seminar (or Johnson videos), and engagement with your coach have affected your preaching. The facilitator will provide constructive feedback on your sermon and engage with your written reflection.

Facilitator: Dr John Tucker


John is the Principal of Carey Baptist College, and lectures at Carey in Church History, Preaching and Christian Spirituality. Prior to joining Carey, John worked as a lawyer and, for six years, as pastor at Milford Baptist Church. John is an elder at Windsor Park Baptist Church, and he regularly preaches there and elsewhere.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the facilitator of this Preaching option if you have specific questions about this option.

Email Andrea or Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any general questions about Lifelong Learning or Baptist Leaders' Registration.

PARTICIPANTS: Up to a maximum of 10 at any time.

COST: This course is free for registered Baptist Leaders. All other registrants will be email invoiced NZD$50 per Guided Learning option.

[updated 15 February 2018]

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