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No twentieth century Christian writer has had as great an impact on popular Christianity than C.S. Lewis. His children’s fiction like The Chronicles of Narnia, his philosophical works like God in the Dock, his apologetical works like Mere Christianity, his ethical works like The Four Love, and his pastoral works like Surprised by Joy have made an indelible imprint on western Christianity and have endeared Lewis to generations. Drawing on Lewis’s broad corpus, both his beloved classics and his less well-known writings, these readings from C.S. Lewis will stimulate your imagination, your intellect, and your praxis.

This option offers an eight-month reading group in which selections of writting by C.S.Lewis will be read and interacted with. A year with C.S. Lewis could open windows on ministry and mission for all participants. A firm commitment to the reading group is essential to the success of this Guided Learning option.

Using a Facebook closed group as the platform for the C.S. Lewis Reading Group, participants will read at least one C.S. Lewis work each month for 8 months starting mid-February, completing in mid-October. For each monthly reading participants will:

  1. comment on any of the ideas mentioned in the readings,
  2. make one observation on the readings from your own context,
  3. and make an application, if relevant, to your own ministry context.

In the first few weeks, as you begin:

Introduce yourself online in the closed Facebook group. The Facilitator. Myk Habets, will be part of this Facebook group.

Reading Schedule:


Read at least one of the Chronicles of Narnia – but all of them if you can! If you are new to Narnia then start with The Lion. The Witch and the Wardrobe.

This is his most renowned work of fiction, and an easy and stimulating read packed with Christian symbolism. It’s a great introduction to Lewis’ genius. Prepare to have your imagination evangelized!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Prince Caspian

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair
The Horse and His Boy
The Magician’s Nephew
The Last Battle

2. READ ABOUT LEWIS’ LIFE (12 March 2018)

Read Lewis’ spiritual biography, Surprised By Joy.

If you really want to draw wisdom from any author, it is critical that you introduce yourself to their entire person — not just their writings. This will give you more profound insight into why and how they have written what they have, and what exactly they are intending to communicate. It may also put certain words, phrases, anecdotes, analogies or stories into a deeper and more personal context, resulting in a more enlightening reading experience.

3. READ HIS ESSAYS Part 1 (12 April 2018)

Read the following: “Myth Become Fact,” and “God in the Dock” from God In The Dock, “fern-Seed and Elephants,’ and “The Seeing Eye,” from Christian Reflections.

These shorter writings of Lewis are less volume to tackle and good introductions to his thought. It takes time for many people to get accustomed to Lewis’ style of writing and deep genius. Often, especially in the beginning, less is more. Keep in mind — Lewis is a mid-20th century British writer. Cultural, societal and linguistic influences were not all the same for him as they are for us today. We must, then, have patience and perseverance as we begin to unpack the brilliance of this man’s works.

4. READ HIS ESSAYS Part 2 (12 May 2018)

Read the following: “Fern-Seed and Elephants,’ and “The Seeing Eye,” from Christian Reflections.


Read one chapter at least from his popular work, Reflections on the Psalms.

His reflections will enrich your experience of these beautiful and timeless prayers that come to us straight from the Word of God.

Read “The Weight of Glory” https://www.verber.com/mark/xian/weight-of-glory.pdf

Originally delve red as a sermon in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford, June 8, 1942, this is one my favourite sermons of Lewis. Each time I read my copy I highlight something. The work is now completely yellow!


Read The Great Divorce

This is not an easy read but it is fascinating and compelling. Imagine, a bus load of people from hell go on a day trip to heaven…

7. READ HIS APOLOGETICS (12 August 2018)

Read Mere Christianity

This is Lewis’ attempt to describe a “Mere Christianity,” the basics of what we believe and why. It took me several readings to get into Lewis’ thought world, but once I went in (through the wardrobe) I was hooked (not quite like Edmund on Turkish Delight but …).

8. READ HIS ADULT FICTION (12 September 2018)

Read Perelandra c17

Lewis wrote a Cosmic Trilogy for adults. In this 2nd volume he has the lead character, Ransom, travel to Venus (Perelandra), a beautiful Eden-like world. Here he meets the Eldil (rulers or gods) of Perelandra, including Oyarsa (the great Edil), where he gets to witness the Great Dance (this is Lewis’ image for the communion at the heart of the Trinity).


Facilitator: Dr Myk Habets


Myk lectures at Carey Baptist College in Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics and Ethics, and has lectured in theology and ethics at the University of Otago, BCNZ (now Laidlaw College), and Pathways College. Along with lecturing, Myk and his wife Odele are regular preachers of the Gospel, and provide leadership at their local church.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the facilitator of this Barth Reading Group option if you have specific questions about this option.

Email Andrea or Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any general questions about Lifelong Learning or Baptist Leaders' Registration.

PARTICIPANTS: Up to a maximum of 20 at any time.

COST: This course is free for registered Baptist Leaders. All other registrants will be email invoiced NZD$50 per Guided Learning option.

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