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Go Deeper Youth Pastor Preaching Cohort 2019 (BYM)

Go Deeper Youth Pastor Preaching Cohort (Brian Krum)

Ready to start presenting better sermons and preach for life-change and discipleship?

The Go Deeper Preaching Cohort includes 8 sessions of Zoom Room training with a workbook and video links that will help you create, write, and deliver better sermons to connect with the not-yet believer, and disciple the already follower of Jesus. The cohort will then meet together over for a “speaker’s weekend” at the end of the year to present and receive critique and evaluation from a panel of experienced preachers, as well as receive more tips, lessons, and strategies to communicating better.

Event Date 12-02-2019
Event End Date 10-09-2019
Individual Price $400, plus additional cost for weekend gathering.
Your First Years of Youth Ministry 2019 (BYM)

Your First Years of Youth Ministry (Heather Ameye-Beavers)

Because we desperately want you to flourish in youth ministry, this cohort will surround you with people who love what you love and won’t ask about when you’ll become a senior pastor. Youth Ministry is about serving with the long view in focus. The longer you work in youth ministry, the easier it becomes, and the better you minister, care, disciple and point teens to Jesus.

Your First Years in Youth Ministry Cohort will look at the spiritual, emotional and relational health it takes to serve well. You’ll also establish your personal ministry values while developing the essential skills for youth ministry planning, weekly tasks, team developing and discipleship.

Event Date 12-02-2019
Individual Price $600.00
Leadership Next 2019 (BYM)

Leadership Next

One of your most important tasks as a leader is to find and develop other leaders -- the men and women who will lead your present ministries, innovate your future ministries and carry God’s mission for your church.

Leadership Next will meet bi-monthly in shared regions to support you in the identifying and developing of God’s next leaders for his church. As a shared project, we will develop a leadership pipeline that understands the nuances of training and releasing both the Millennial and the Gen Z individual. Through minimal reading, active tasks, and a YouTube channel developed for training leaders, Leadership Next’s collaborative process will both be a catalyst and a support to help you create a culture of developing leaders in your church.

Event Date 12-02-2019
Worship Seminar with Malcolm Gordon

Worship Training Day:

What story are we telling in our worship? Not just the words we use, but our actions, and the way we organise our gatherings. What is the underlying narrative, and does that speak of the God we encounter in Jesus? That’s the starting place for considering our worship, which is where we work out our belief in God, it is embodied theology. Moving beyond theory to practice, this workshop will help worship and service leaders to develop a model of leadership that enables and emphasises the whole hearted participation of God’s people. Worship is not a spectator sport, it needs to be experienced from the inside. We will explore the place and power of music in worship, seeking to understand its formative potential in shaping people as followers of Jesus. We will consider the ways that we pray as the gathered people of God, ensuring that prayer becomes an act of hospitality, where all God’s children can find a home in God’s presence.


Manukau City Baptist Church, Auckland, 23 March 2019, 9am - 3.30pm

Event Date 23-03-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 23-03-2019 3:30 pm
Individual Price $20.00
QB 2019 Leaders' Training 2019 (BYM)

QB is an inspirational weekend for those who want to join God in a life that is bigger than you could imagine. This training weekend provides new ideas, new voices, new leaders and a reminder of the new life Jesus has provided for all who follow him. This is the place for you to bring your team and worship and listen and learn from each other as you network, think, pray, worship, laugh, rest and talk shop with other people sold out to reach teens with the message and person of Jesus. We would love for you to join us because it's not really family unless all of us are there.

Event Date 31-05-2019
Event End Date 03-06-2019
Southern Youth Leaders Training 2019 (BYM)'

Southern Youth leaders is a dynamic weekend of training for youth leaders and youth pastors. Our desire is to see leaders trained at every level, equipped to do the role they are called to. This is the place as a leader to bring your teams to spend time together networking, planning and exploring Gods direction for the ministry.

Event Date 07-06-2019
Event End Date 09-06-2019
Xtend North Island 2019 (BYM)

Xtend conferences are a unique opportunity for young Christians to meet other like-minded teens, and be extended in their faith, experience of God, personal gifts and skills, and character development.The supportive environment offered develops a great sense of community, and gives teens the opportunity to be involved through speaking, worship leading, sharing their testimonies etc.

Event Date 08-07-2019
Event End Date 13-07-2019
Xtend South Island 2019 (BYM)

Xtend takes a few of the "up and coming" young Christian leaders from each youth group in the South Island and puts them all in the same place for 4 days. You will meet other like-minded young leaders while being XTENDED in your leadership gifts, abilities and skills.

Event Date 08-07-2019
Event End Date 11-07-2019
Sutherland Lecture (Baptist Research)

The Sutherland Lecture is an optional extra as part of the Annual Baptist Hui (Assembly/Gathering). It happens over an evening meal and show-cases a particular area of research that has significance to New Zealand Baptists.

For more information visit the Hui website.

Event Date 08-11-2019 12:30 am
Event End Date 08-11-2019 12:30 am



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