Partnering with the Holy Spirit in your Ministry 2017 (Maurice Atkinson)


Over the year this option includes a reading plan of at least seven books with reflection guides to help deepen your experience of the Holy Spirit in your ministry. This option requires attendance at the annual Hanmer Retreat (9-11 May 2017). Purchasing all seven books online from The Book Depository will cost approximatly NZ$115 (including delivery).

In the first few weeks, as you begin:

Email the facilitator: Maurice Atkinson to introduce yourself: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spend some time reflecting on your own understanding of how the Holy Spirit partners with you in your ministry. Record (journal) any things you feel are significant, or ideas you would like to engage with. This is to enable you at the end of this option to assess any changes throughout the twelve-month period. This is a private document for you unless you choose to share something of the detail in your final reflection or with your coach.

Over the year  months:

There are seven reading-action-reflection cycles – aim to cover one every two months.

Coach requirements:

The Facilitator of this learning option; Maurice Atkinson, is also the coach and will meet with you either in person or via Skype once every two months throughout the year. In some situations Maurice may arrange another person to be coach who is familiar with the unique nature of the Hanmer Retreat in a Baptist context.



Contact Facilitator and Introduce yourself – what you hope to gain from the course – (set up Skype).

Reading 1: Surprised by the power of the Holy Spirit: Discovering how God speaks and heals today. Jack Deere (1996).
Jack was a former Dallas Old Testament lecturer who describes his journey into Spiritual Gifts, Hearing God’s voice and God healing today. Buy online at The Book Depository (approx NZ$14 delivered).

Action – Discuss your findings with the Eldership, have them read this book.

Reflection – Can you relate to Jack’s experience?

Coaching Session



Reading 2: The Fourth Dimension: Discovering a new world of answered prayer. David Yonggi Cho (1996).
Cho was converted in South Korea from Buddhism and writes with authority on the spirit world. His Presbyterian church grew to over 1 million people. This is an older book but still a classic. Buy online at The Book Depository (approx NZ$16 delivered).

Action – Ask God for His dream for your church – share this with the other leaders / Elders

Reflection – What did you learn about faith and the Spirit filled imagination? What are some of the ways the Holy Spirit communicates to us?

Coaching Session



Attend Hanmer Retreat (9-11 May 2017)

Reading 3: Growing in the Prophetic: A practical, biblical guide to dreams, visions, and spiritual gifts. Mike Bickle (2008).
Mike leads the International House of Prayer and worked closely with John Wimber through the 1980 growth of Vineyard Movement. Buy online at The Book Depository (approx NZ$20 delivered)

Action – Taking into account Chapters 16 & 17 in Mike Bickles book, believe God for a prophecy to bring either to the church or an individual.

Reflection – What have your learnt about the prophetic gift and some of the manifestations you have observed or experienced at Hanmer.

Coaching Session



Reading 4: Empowered by the Spirit: Working in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Maurice Atkinson (2012).
Maurice describes his journey into the Spirit world and gives some valuable hints and guidelines to connect with and partner with the Holy Spirit. This book is available directly from the Facilitator of this option; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or online from the Oxford Baptist Church (NZ$24 including postage, or for Kindle from Amazon (approx US$3).

Action – This Sunday to begin to apply these principals – believe for some words of knowledge or a prophetic word. Use the guidelines in Chapter 8 and bring Words of Knowledge in church or to a group you lead.

Reflection – Are you learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in your ministry.

Coaching Session



Readings 5 & 6: They Shall Expel Demons: What you need to know about demons, your invisible enemies. Derek Prince (2002).
Derek is a world authority on this subject so necessary in ministry. Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$20).

Pulling Down Strongholds. Derek Prince (2013).
Belief systems will oppose your every attempt to grow the church. Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$9)

Action Ask the Holy Spirit for the opportunity to apply the principals in dealing with the demonic at an individual level and at the church level.

Reflection – Can you identify any strongholds that are opposing and hindering you – Have you discerned the demonic activity in your church?

Coaching Session



Reading 7: Beginner's Guide to Intercessory Prayer. Dutch Sheets (2008).
Dutch writes very practically about this vital ministry, the break through came at Oxford Baptist Church with intercession and the prophetic ministry. Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$12).

Action – Complete the study questions at the end of each chapter. Identify a person who has an intercessors gifting in prayer and interview them.

Reflection – Consider forming an intercessors group with the people who travail in prayer and flow with the Holy Spirit.

By 15 December: Submit a written Reflection on the year (1000 words) or vlog (10 minutes) – (People tend to base their theology on what they have experienced)

Coaching Session


Further Readings

Intercessory Prayer: How God can use your prayers to move heaven and earth. Dutch Sheets (2016). Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$16).

Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry: A call to spiritual warfare. Kris Vallotton (2007). Buy DVD Study online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$60).

Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God. Gordon D Fee (2005). Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$15).

There is More!: The secret to experiencing God's power to change your life. Randy Clark (2013). Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$14).

Power Evangelism. John Wimber (2009). Buy online from The Book Depository (approx NZ$25).


Facilitator: Maurice Atkinson

Maurice and his wife Miriam pastored Oxford Baptist Church from 1982 to 2014. They brought a contemporary charismatic worship style to the church. Under their leadership the church grew numerically and over the years other ministries were added. Maurice is now the Regional Mission Leader for the Canterbury & Westland Baptist Association.

Maurice has a strong prophetic gifting. He is often speaking at different churches, camps and conferences in New Zealand and overseas.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the facilitator of this Partnering with the Holy Spirit in your Ministry option if you have specific questions about this option.

Email Andrea or Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any general questions about Lifelong Learning or Baptist Leaders' Registration.


COST: This course is free for registered Baptist Leaders. All other registrants will be email invoiced NZD$50 per Guided Learning option.

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