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First Wednesday of the month, March-October, 7.30pm

Bringing into focus Bible, theology and mission: Adult learning for now.

  • Bible College teaching - live on your device wherever you are.
  • Teaching by high calibre, research active, Carey lecturers.
  • Gain a better understanding of the world you live in.
  • Help your church with its mission engagement. 

This new webinar series is a stimulating training resource for the ongoing development of leaders, practitioners, and volunteers.

Each month a new topic will be brought into focus: from theology, Bible, pastoral care, mission, youth, history, and culture. Our focus is on what you need to learn right now: material that will resource you in your current leadership and volunteer roles.

Each webinar will be an hour long, containing 40 minutes of content, with live Q&A. These will be recorded with ongoing access available online. Watch on your own, or together as a leadership team, or create a group to join together for this 8-month series. A short reading list will be included with each webinar.

$25 per webinar (individual or a group), or subscribe to them all for $150 (25% discount: get two free webinars).

This can be included in the ‘Learning’ component of Baptist Leaders’ Registration.

   Dates  Lecturers



 6 March,

Andrew Picard 150

 Focus on Culture: God, humanity, and the project of Creation

 Lecturer: Andrew Picard


 3 April,

CsillaSaysell2017a 150

 Focus on the Old Testament: The Prophets (an introduction)

 Lecturer: Dr Csilla Saysell


 1 May,

Phil Halstead 150

 Focus on Pastoral Care: The local church

 Lecturer: Dr Phil Halstead


 5 June,

Sarah Harris 150

 Focus on the New Testament: Reading the Gospels well

 Lecturer: Dr Sarah Harris


 3 July,

Sam Kilpatrick 150

 Focus on Youth: The Gospel and the next generation

 Lecturer: Sam Kilpatrick


 7 August,

George Wieland 150

 Focus on Mission: Households in Mission in Acts and Today

 Lecturer: Dr George Wieland


 4 September,

John Tucker 150

 Focus on History: Fighting for Peace (the Church, Gospel, and War in Colonial New Zealand)

 Lecturer: Dr John Tucker


 2 October,

Brian Smith 150

 Focus on Theology: What is it and how does it work?

 Lecturer: Brian Smith, Principal Emeritus, Carey Baptist College

The presenter of this webinar has changed due to Carey being between theology lecturers. We appologise for the short notice of this, and are thankful to Brian for his willingness to participate. Brian has taught theology at Carey and currently teaches in Carey's Ethnic Ministry Training Programme (5 Sep 2019). 

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