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First Wednesday of the month, March-October, 7.30pm

Bringing into focus Bible, theology and mission: Adult learning for now.

  • Bible College teaching - live on your device wherever you are.
  • Teaching by high calibre, research active, Carey lecturers.
  • Gain a better understanding of the world you live in.
  • Help your church with its mission engagement. 

This new webinar series is a stimulating training resource for the ongoing development of leaders, practitioners, and volunteers.

Each month a new topic will be brought into focus: from theology, Bible, pastoral care, mission, youth, history, and culture. Our focus is on what you need to learn right now: material that will resource you in your current leadership and volunteer roles.

Each webinar will be an hour long, containing 40 minutes of content, with live Q&A. These will be recorded with ongoing access available online. Watch on your own, or together as a leadership team, or create a group to join together for this 8-month series. A short reading list will be included with each webinar.

$25 per webinar (individual or a group), or subscribe to them all for $150 (25% discount: get two free webinars).

This can be included in the ‘Learning’ component of Baptist Leaders’ Registration.

   Dates  Lecturers



 6 March,

Andrew Picard 150

 Focus on Culture: God, humanity, and the project of Creation

 Lecturer: Andrew Picard


 3 April,

CsillaSaysell2017a 150

 Focus on the Old Testament: The Prophets (an introduction)

 Lecturer: Dr Csilla Saysell


 1 May,

Phil Halstead 150

 Focus on Pastoral Care: The local church

 Lecturer: Dr Phil Halstead


 5 June,

Sarah Harris 150

 Focus on the New Testament: Reading the Gospels well

 Lecturer: Dr Sarah Harris


 3 July,

Sam Kilpatrick 150

 Focus on Youth: The Gospel and the next generation

 Lecturer: Sam Kilpatrick


 7 August,

George Wieland 150

 Focus on Mission: Households in Mission in Acts and Today

 Lecturer: Dr George Wieland


 4 September,

John Tucker 150

 Focus on History: Fighting for Peace (the Church, Gospel, and War in Colonial New Zealand)

 Lecturer: Dr John Tucker


 2 October,

MykHabets2017a 150

 Focus on Theology: Spirit and Trinity (an introduction)

 Lecturer: Dr Myk Habets

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