Why Register?

Baptists recognise that pastors and other leaders are called in the context of a local group of believers, and that there is no change in being or status that results from that call. Ministry leadership is a matter of function.

Baptists also acknowledge that it is helpful to recognise church leaders at the level of the movement of Baptist churches of New Zealand, both for people within local churches, and more widely for working with people outside the church or the Baptist movement. Baptist Leaders' Registration provides recognition at a national level of your local ministry leadership.

Please note:

Registration 2018 has now closed. Registration 2019 opens 01 November, 2018.

 If your circumstances require you to register prior to 01 November, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will work with you to achieve a part-year registration agreement.



Baptist Leaders' Registration is designed to not only recognise your journey so far, but to guide you in the development of your gifts and ministry. There is no points system or set required amount of professional development hours - the aim is to encourage on-going learning. We suggest aiming to construct at least 3 days worth of training/learning through the year - this could be a mixture of:

Carey’s year-long Guided Learning (Lifelong Learning for Registration) options spread the learning and engagement through the year - these Guided Learning options have been pre-approved by the Baptist Union and there is no extra cost for them, these start in January or February each year.

Self-Directive Learning is where you are able to propose your own practice project for the year. This proposal will need to be approved by the Centre for Lifelong Learning on a case-by-case basis.

In the list above there are nearly one hundred learning options that can be chosen towards the Equiping (Learning) component of Baptist Leaders' Registration.

Baptist Whānau

Baptist leaders are part of a movement or 'family' of churches, and Registration grows our movement by encouraging involvement by leaders in the Baptist community/family outside your own local church.

The Māori word 'whānau', as a noun, means: extended family, family group, a familiar term of address to a number of people - the primary economic unit of traditional Māori society. In the modern context the term is sometimes used to include friends who may not have any kinship ties to other members. (Māori Dictionary)

By calling this component of the Ministry Development Agreement 'Baptist Whānau', we mean the wider Baptist family, and therefore participation in that wider Baptist family.


Baptist Leaders Registration provides an additional level of accountability, focused not on the detail of your ministry practice, but on your ongoing development. Registration helps you to be accountable in prioritising growing as a leader.

Marriage Celebrant status

As one of the legally recognised religious denominations in New Zealand, the Baptist Union is able to grant marriage celebrant status to leaders within our movement. Only registered Baptist leaders are able to be added to the Baptist list (note that special conditions apply). Please contact the Baptist Resource Centre Manager; Jill Hitchcock for more information about Marriage Celebrant status This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph +64 9 526 0338


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