Background to Baptist Leaders' Registration

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Registration 2018 has now closed. Registration 2019 opens 01 November, 2018.

 If your circumstances require you to register prior to 01 November, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will work with you to achieve a part-year registration agreement.


Since 1996 Registration has added the recognition of our family of churches to the call of a local church for ministry leadership. Registration involves three components: learning, Baptist Whānau, and supervision – all packaged in the form of a Ministry Development Agreement.

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Registration has become a one-year cycle, with November each year being the time to renew Ministry Development Agreements for the year ahead.

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Moving forward with Baptist Leaders’ Registration and the Baptist Union’s commitment to encourage and support the equipping, relating, and accountability of Baptist Leaders, from November 2016:

  1. Registration will be renewed annually in November – there will be a two-year phase-out of the current two-year timeframe.
  2. The Ministry Development Agreement with its three components (equipping, relating, and accountability) will remain the same, but will become easier to plan with just the next twelve months to be considered.
  3. There will be an improved online registration/re-registration process that makes it quick and easy to outline your equipping, relating, and accountability commitments for the year ahead.
  4. There will be no extra cost.
  5. The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning will provide an exciting range of professional development options that you can choose from.
  6. Organising your own Self Directive learning will always be an option.
  7. Provisional Registration and the Ministry Development Course will remain a two-year process.

Up until now registration has been a two-year cycle renewed at any time throughout the year. At the time of registration (or re-registration) pastors outline their on-going learning commitments for the following two years. Here are some of the changes from November 2016:

  • Registration is now a twelve-month agreement, renewed in November each year. Pastors renew their Ministry Development Agreement choosing either to construct their own Self Directive plan (as at present) or choose what is offered or promoted through the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning – each November the Centre will provide a list of the many professional development options available in the Baptist orbit during the following year, as well as highlighting various affiliate options.
  • The Hui becomes the launch time for the following year in terms of professional development options – pastors end the calendar-year with a learning plan in place for the following year – as well as renewed supervision and Baptist community commitments.
  • With everyone starting their registration year at the same time cohorts in different professional development options become possible. There are examples of this already happening. The new structure will more easily fit these things into the Ministry Development Agreement allowing pastors to learn with others.
  • This new cycle parallels the academic year, which easily enables pastors to choose options from formal education providers. For example, many pastors choose to audit a Carey course as part of their Ministry Development Agreement (Baptist pastors can audit a course for $140 whereas the non-pastor audit price is $300, doing a course for credit is $690. New technology at Carey will enable live video streaming of lectures enhancing distance-learning options).

Provisional Registration will remain a two-year process with the Ministry Development Agreement being renewed each year. The Ministry Development Course for Carey Pastoral Leadership graduates will also remain a two-year process. 

The Ministry Development Agreement

  • The philosophy and structure of the Ministry Development Agreement remains the same with the three components of learning, Baptist Whānau, and supervision.
  • A comprehensive list of continuing education and Baptist community participation options for the following year will be detailed online in November from which pastors can select options to form their Ministry Development Agreement. Affiliate options will also be promoted. Approved Self Directive options will continue to be accepted.
  • The Ministry Development Agreement will be reviewed in November as part of the re-registering process. At the end of each year the updated list of registered Baptist Leaders will be included in the new Year Book.
  • Pastors will set up their Ministry Development Agreement online during the month of November, through an easy-to-use form. The registration fee will be $72.50 - half of the current two-year price, which contributes to the administration of the registration process. This fee will become an online payment.

You can see more details about Baptist Leaders’ Registration including the philosophy behind it here:

The Baptist Churches of New Zealand Administration Manual:

Chapter 1 | Appendices “Who are the Baptists” Baptist Union Constitution and Rules, part XIII. 30 The Ministry pg 26-28.

Chapter 3 | Appendices “Church Personnel”, Appendix 3-H Rules for Registration of Ministers pg 224-227.

[Last updated 2 November 2016]



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