Baptist Leaders' Registration

Registration 2019 has now closed.

If you wish to enquire about re-registering, or applying for the first time, then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Information


What is Baptist Leaders’ Registration?

Baptist Leaders’ Registration is a way for Baptist pastoral leaders, ecumenical chaplains, and missional leaders to communicate their commitment to professional development for the year ahead.

When you register, the Baptist Union and the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning enter into an agreement with you to recognise and respond to the call God has given you to pastoral leadership.

We recognise your call by:

  • Adding / maintaining your name on the Baptist Leaders’ Official List;
  • Providing you with a certificate of registration; and
  • Celebrating your call to pastoral leadership at the annual Hui once you reach full registration status

We respond to your call by supporting your commitment to:

  • Learning;
  • Baptist Whānau, and
  • Supervision

We call this three-part commitment your Ministry Development Agreement (MDA), and it forms the core of your annual registration details.

See ‘Ministry Development Agreement’ for details on how to form your plan.


Who can register?

To be eligible for Baptist Leaders’ Registration you must meet the following criteria:


 Evidence you need to provide

You are a current member of a New Zealand Baptist Church.


You are working in the name of the Baptist family of churches as a:

  • Pastoral leader;

  • Ecumenical chaplain, or

  • Missional leader.

Job description, including:

  • your role title,
  • a regular review process, and
  • clear lines of accountability.

Your role is making a contribution theologically, or in leadership, to the kingdom of God through the Baptist family of churches.

You work in the role above for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

  • Terms of call; or
  • Employment agreement; or
  • Volunteer agreement

Your terms/agreement must show the agreed hours per week for the role.

For Ecumenical chaplains only:

Those in chaplaincy work may apply for registration only if the Baptist Union or a Baptist Association has participated in their appointment process, or their chaplaincy is part of the outreach of a local Baptist church.

A letter of support from your local Baptist church stating that:

  • You are of good standing in the community.
  • You are a current member of the church.
  • You have been endorsed by the church to work in the capacity of a chaplain.
  • Letter of appointment as an ecumenical chaplain.

New registrants only:

As a newly registered leader you will be considered 'Provisionally Registered' for the first two years.

During your first two years of registration you will be required to demonstrate your commitment to Baptist leadership by attending a Baptist Leaders' Orientation event. This event will be held once per year in August alternating between the South and North Islands. Click here for Baptist Leaders' Orientation details.

After attending a Baptist Leaders' Orientation event, and committing to Baptist Leaders' Registration for your third year, you will become 'Fully Registered' and be invited to celebrate this commitment on stage at the annual Hui.

Note: Provisionally Registered Carey Pastoral Leadership graduates who complete the Ministry Development Course are not required to do Baptist Leaders’ Orientation.





































When can I register, and what does it cost?

Registration is an annual process which is open from 01 - 30 November each year.

The 2019 registration fee is graduated by circumstances, and will be a maximum of $145 for the year:

          Carey Baptist College Ministry Development Course (MDC) student - $0 
          21+ hours work; receiving the full recommended Ministry Enhancement Allowance (MEA) - $145 
          21+ hours work; receiving less than the recommended Ministry Enhancement Allowance (MEA) - $110 
          20 hours or less work - $75 

Where can I register?

Registration occurs online via a registration form on our website.

Registration 2019 was open 01 - 30 November 2018 and is now closed.

New registrants can apply at any time of year by requesting an online link from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our form will take you through the three stages of registration:

  1. Updating your profile details

  2. Reflecting on your previous Ministry Development Agreement

  3. Creating your new Ministry Development Agreement

BLR components

See ‘Ministry Development Agreement’ for details on how to form your MDA.


How will my registration be recognised?

  • Once your registration application has been approved you will be emailed your e-Certificate of Registration. We recommend printing it out on card, then framing and displaying it in your workplace.
  • Once you have completed two years of provisional registration, including the ‘Newly registered Baptist Leaders’ requirements, we will invite you to be recognised on stage at the annual Baptist Hui to celebrate your commitment to Baptist leadership.



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